Maria Behnam-Bakhtiar divides her time between the two peninsulas – the fabled Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the south of France, and the heritage-centered yet futuristic Doha in the east of Arabia. With an array of accomplishments in the creative fields of product design, interior decoration and event design for the Middle Eastern royalty, leading luxury brands, and internatonal high society, Maria Behnam-Bakhtiar also established herself as a recognised contemporary art patron. Well-versed aesthete with a developed network of leading global vendors, artisans, craftsmen and artists, as well as an unerring eye with a unique vision that expertly balances the timelessness of the tradition with the comforts and the spirit of modernity. Behnam-Bakhtiar’s spaces are meticulously planned to be welcoming and comfortable, exquisitely refined and effortlessly elegant, while always being tailored to meet each client’s timeline, objectives and budget. Maria Behnam-Bakhtiar specializes in numerous aspects of luxury lifestyle, or art de vivre, approaching each project with taste, practicality, sense of detail, and understated but expertly refined aesthetic, always timeless and yet so very today.